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ARRIVAL IMG_4712 19Red Centrifuge2 19_5 x 19_5 FINAL NY ShowInvitation 19_5 x 19_5 FINAL NY ShowSilver Black Maroon 19_5  x 19_5 FinalDSCF2222 Distortion3eaIntersection_2750 blue red  neon 1Intersection 2750 blue yellow neon 1Colour Twist IMG_5692 v1Tables and Chairs IIThe Meeting Place   IMG_3274 v4Tables and Chairs IIILiquid hand 1Rain Danceblack and bluePersistenceForces at PlayBasque CorrosionSeaMountanSky IMG_2401 Contact Final low res jpgComing and Going-Vancouver Harbour _ Michael Sachter_ContactAction : Reaction