Artist Statement 

As a self-taught, fine art photographer and mixed media artist, I've loved taking pictures and creating art since I was a kid. It's been a private passion until 2010 when I decided to share my work with the world... and 2014 was my first step into the public eye with a goal to make private and public spaces more beautiful and engaging.


I'm possessed by the desire to capture and make beautiful images I see, or conceive of, that are often hiding "in plain view" or in my imagination.


"The world is filled with wonder and it's often either right in front of us... discoverable in abstract shapes, lines, shadows, vivid colours and geometric patterns that are human and nature-made... and often found in the stark and subtle beauty of people and places.


I am passionate about provoking emotional responses and conversations with my photography and art.                                                                            

About The Artist - Michael Sachter

Michael is a fine art photographer and social impact artist who strives to make people feel a palpable energy in his images. Michael's photography is created to make the public and private spaces more beautiful. His social impact photography and large-scale, experiential, interactive installations are intended to engage,
inspire and positively change the world and can be found here: 


A number of Michael's limited edition images are now in public/shared spaces and in corporate and private collections in both Canada and the USA.

A Selection of Exhibitions, Installations and Recognition

Nov. 2023 - Toronto - The Art of Gifting Show

Oct. 2023 - Toronto - Keller Williams Art and Wine Tasting Exhibition 

May & Sept. 2023 - Toronto - North Toronto Group of Artists Show - Studio Tours 

Oct-Dec. 2022 – Toronto – XOXO Contemporary Art Pop-up (

Sept 2022 Toronto – Toronto Island Art Crawl 

May & Sept. 2021-22 - Toronto - North Toronto Group of Artists Show - Studio Tours 

July 2020 Toronto -  Canada-wide - Launched The Canadian Gratitude Flag - A Tribute To Our COVID-19                                              Heroes in collaboration with Guy Morazain

Nov. 2019 Toronto - Toronto City Hall - The Rotunda (Nov.12-20)  A Conversation With Myself (ACWM) in                                              collaboration with Hats On For Awareness 

Oct. 2019 Toronto - Whole Campus, Healthy Communities Conference hosted by the Centre for innovation                                          in Campus Mental Health in association with CMHA Ontario - Campus Mental Health                                       (ACWM)

Sept. 2019 Toronto - Mental Health For All National Conference – Workplace Mental Health, Canadian                                                    Mental Health Assn.  (ACWM)

Sept. 2019 N. Ont. - Fireside Conference – Created a "Fireside" version of ACWM

Nov. 2018 Toronto - SociaLIGHT Conference - Elgin Theatre (ACWM)

Oct. 2018 Toronto - IDEA Summit (Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality in Advertising) - TIFF Bell Lightbox                                      

Aug. 2018 Toronto - ArtWalk at Shops of Don Mills (ACWM)

Jun. 2018 Toronto - Riverdale ArtWalk (ACWM) 

May 2018 Toronto - Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival – Group Show: ISOLATION                                                                (4 images + ACWN is first shown) 

May 2018 Toronto - N. Toronto Group of Artists Show (10 images)  

Sept. 2017 N. Ont. - Fireside Conference – Created Fireside SHELTER fundraiser 

May 2017 Toronto - Tribute Homes/Patch Project Installation on condo hoarding

Mar. 2017 Toronto - AREAA GTA Gala Charity Dinner - SHELTER 

Dec. 2016 Toronto - Art Square Gallery – 6 images + SHELTER Dec.-Feb.2017

Nov. 2016 Toronto - #Hashtag Gallery 2-person show (18 images + SHELTER)

Sept. 2016 Toronto - Selected Patch Project Artist - The Steps Initiative (3 images Installed)                                                          

Sept. 2016 New York - Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery (6 images)

Aug. 2016 New York - JMC Gallery (4 images)

July 2016 New York - Jadite Gallery (4 images)

Jan. 2016 Toronto - Condo Party Room (3 images)  

Mar. 2015 Toronto - Condo Lobby (4 images)

May 2014 Toronto – Contact Photography Festival: Portfolio Review    

Apr. 2014 Toronto – Aperture Group Show at Moniker Gallery (4 images)

Feb. 2014 Toronto – Galleria Art Expo Group Show at The Cube (4 images)

Jan. 2014 Toronto – Shutter Bug Group Show at the Fairlawn Centre Gallery (6 images)


Some of Michael's Good Works:

  • Created a limited edition "Orange Centifuge" 24" x 24" to raise funds for The Downie Wenjack Foundation
  • Donated "Coming and Going"  Small Ed. to support Ukraine 
  • Created "The Canadian Gratitude Flag" honouring our COVID-19 Heroes - 2020
  • Created “A Conversation With Myself” (ACWM) supporting mental health–Toronto 2018
  • Art Square Lower Gallery – SHELTER interactive installation Dec. to Mar. 2017 supporting Red Door Shelter
  • “Blue Night – Spanish Heart” Juried selection for Snap! Toronto 2017 Silent Auction supporting ACT
  • Donated a portion of sales of Shelter Installation and Image to Red Door Shelter Dec. 2016 
  • Donated “Snow Day” to fund-raiser for Geneva Center for Autism


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Cheers, Michael


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